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Carson Essays
Rich Carson was filmed for the Public Broadcasting System documentary "Making Sense of Place." It is a three-part story of land use planning in America featuring  the Phoenix, Cleveland and Portland-Vancouver metropolitan areas. The film company is Northern Light Productions out of Boston, Massachusetts. The Portland-Vancouver program which aired in the Spring of  2009.
I have recently been named the "official planner" for the Victoria Taft show in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. She has 176,00 listeners in a region of 2.2 million people. I have contributed essays and talked about my ideas on the radio and in national  and international publications for years. So this does not make me the most popular guy with the hard core Portland anarchist folks. But that is fine. I don't exist for them and they do not exist for me. That is the point of being existential. I am just a simple old guy seeking a doctorate degree in organizational development who has a productive life. I just tell it like it is and live it one day at a time.