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Part I - The Planning Profession
1.1     Late Night With Richard
1.2     The Road Not Taken
1.3     Barbarian at the Gate (AICP speech)
1.4     Are Planners Public Advocates?
1.5     Ethics in the Workplace
1.6     Scapegoating Public Employees
1.7     The Virtual Government Manager
1.8     Common Sense
1.9     A New Planning Tool
1.10   On Fight of Flight
1.11   So You Want To Be A Planning Director?
1.12   The Art of Planning and Politics
1.13   Are Planners Apolitical?
1.14   The Dark Side of Successful Cities
1.15   Connected at Last in Cooltown
1.16    Changing the Culture of No
1.17   Oregon-Washington Comparison 
1.18   Essentials of E-Government
1.19   Home Alone
1.20   Tips for Planning Agency Managers 

Part II - Land Use Planning (national essays)
2.1     Viewpoint: Is Smart Growth Practical?
2.2     Planning Without Borders
2.3     Urbanites Must End the War with Rural Resource Areas
2.4     When Growth Management Fails, Build New Towns* [Planetizen]
2.5     The China Syndrome* [Planetizen]
2.6     Urban Realism* [Archis]
2.7     A Tale of Two Cities* [Planetizen]
2.8     The Golden Mean* [Planetizen]
2.9     The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
2.10   Another Tale of Two Cities 
2.11   The Road to Perdition
2.12   Occam's Razor* [Planum]
2.13   The New American Ruralism* [Planum]
2.14   The Triangle Community Foundation
2.15   Atlanta Regional Commission
2.16   The Tyranny of the (Urban) Majority* [Architecture]
2.17   A Failure of Fairness?[Public Management/Cyburbia]
2.18   Auto-Nation: Re-thinking the Future of the Car[Planum]
2.19   Pride and Prejudice* [Land Development Today]
2.20   Land Division in America * [Professonal Surveyor]
2.21   A Reinvigorated Property Rights Movement * [Urban Land]
2.22   Another Inconvenient Truth * [Cyburbia]
2.23   Who Knew?* [Planning]
2.24   The Urbanistas vesus Big-Box Retail * [Planum]
2.25   Bowling Alone in Urbanistaville * [ArchNewsNow]
2.26   Sustainability: The Great Divide * [ArchNewsNow]

Part III  - Land Use Planning (regional essays)
3.1     Is Portland the Potemkin Village of Planning? 
3.2     Reinventing the Portland Planning Bureau 
3.3     Why Would Someone Want Planning Job?
3.4     Metro Could Fumble Area's Growth Planning  
3.5     Metro Slow to Take on Growth Management    
3.6     Metro Area Getting Ready to Direct Growth
3.7     Longer Planning Timeframe Needed
3.8     Planning for Growth
3.9     Managing Growth an Issue
3.10   The Politics of Planning 
3.11   Where are Tomorrow's Leaders?
3.12   Is it Time to Reinvent Statewide Land Use Planning?
3.13   Less Than Zero?
3.14   Oregon's at the Millenium Crossroads
3.15   Urban Reserves are Worthwhile
3.16   Oregon Learns a Hard Lesson 
3.17   Washington's Initiative 933 is the Son of Oregon's Measure 37 
3.18   On the Road to Taos
3.19   A Failure of Fairness: Planning in the Pacific Northwest
3.20   Busy home market exacerbated slump
3.21   We need truly rational growth planning

Part IV - The Costs of Growth
4.1     Paying for Our Growth in Oregon - Preface
4.2     Who's Paying Cost of Growth
4.3     We Always Hurt the Ones We Love
4.4     Let's Tax the Profits of Growth
4.5     Paying for Growth - Part 1
4.6     Paying for Growth - Part 2
4.7     Paying for Growth - Part 3
4.8     Say 'Hello' to Measure 47 & Kiss Your Job Goodbye

Part V - No Growth Movement
5.1     No-Growthers Out of Touch with Real World
5.2     They May have 1000 Friends, but None are Builders
5.3     The Politics of Fear
5.4     Planning Revolt Hits Developers
5.5     Drawbridge Mentality
5.6     Voter Annexation Goes Against Oregon Ideals
5.7     Opposites of Growth: The Incredible Shrinking State

Part VI - Environmental Planning
6.1     Restoring Pacific Salmon
6.2     The Great Flood of '96
6.3     Greenspaces Revisited 
6.4     Recycling High, But Only Just the Beginning

Part VII - Economic Development
7.1     Recruiting Isn't Needed to Sell State
7.2     Regional Approach the Best Economic Development
7.3     Government Aid Makes a Difference
7.4     Integrated Industrial Development Planning
7.5     Why Companies Come Here
7.6     A Year Later, Tax Repeal Stands Test
7.7     Oregon and Japan, Trading Partners
7.8     Why Pick Oregon? Let Me Count the Ways

Part VIII - Citizen Involvement
8.1     Rebuilding Communities Requires More Spirit Than Cement
8.2     What is Community Building?
8.3     On the Oregon Initiative Process
8.4     An Interview with Daniel Kemmis
8.5     Wicked Thoughts at a Public Hearing

Part IX - Planning and Civic Journalism
9.1     On Censorship and Responsible Journalism
9.2     On Being the Devil's Advocate

Part X - Planning Prose and Humor
10.1   The Unbearable Lightness of Being
10.2   Crossing into Eden
10.3   The New Urban Criminal: Martha Stewart
10.4   Planning, Development & God
10.5   Genesis: God's Seven Day Construction Schedule
10.6   The Planning Food Chain
10.7   Planning Top 10 List
10.8   Planning Top 10 List
10.9   You Know You're a...
10.10 Back to the Future
10.11 Happy Holidays? Thoughts after September 11th

Part XI - Housing & Density
11.1   The Pathology of Density
11.2   A Different Perspective on Density
11.3   Amazing Planning Facts
11.4   The Oldest Profession

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