Chapter 10.7

Planning Top Ten List
(The Oregon Planners' Journal, March 1997)

By Richard H. Carson

Top 10 Clues that you need to hire a different planning consultant:

#10. You notice that all of the certificates on their wall are signed by Sally Struthers.

# 9.You find out that the public involvement coordinator of your project is an engineer.

# 8.The consultant thinks that TGM is a evangelical television network called "Taking God's Money."

#7.The introduction letter in the Statement of Qualifications says, "Getting in touch with your inner child is the key to a successful planning project."

# 6.When discussing the budget for your project the consultant says, "I don't know, how much can you spend?"

#5.Thinks that 1000 Friends of Oregon is a multi-level marketing program that sells biodegradable health care products.

#4.When you look at their business card and ask what the letters "AICP" stand for, they have a blank look and say, "always instant chocolate pudding?"

#3.Thinks ballot measure 50 is a pant size.

#2.They take you for a drive in their Ferrari Testa Rosa and explain that you are their only client.

And the number one clue that you need to hire a different planning consultant is:

#1.Thinks "sustainability" is a chapter in the Joy of Sex.

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